Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Short Story

            I was a simple suburban boy. I lived outside New York City. I had to drive one and a half hours to get to the city to work as an intern in “Blake and Robertson” the greatest law firm in the country. Then, at noon I went to school to get my law degree, so I could finally be recognized as a lawyer at work. After that, I had to drive back home again, and I didn’t have an amazing car with heat to be warm during my ride or confortable seats. No, I had my father’s old car that could barely take me back home. I had to do that every single day, and yet I loved it. One day after a couple of bad days at work, I met Emma. I started talking to her for a while, and I kept talking with her at work. After the first week, I was in love with Emma, and she was in love with me. I talked to her every day for a couple of months. Even though we liked each other, we just interacted at work, but I was planning to, finally, ask her out for dinner. When suddenly, one day I didn’t see Emma. I was really concerned, so I asked Ms. Radcliff, the lady in the front desk, where Emma was. She said Emma was the daughter of Aaron Robertson, the founding partner in my law firm, my boss, and she was moving to Chicago in four week to marry Connor Alcobia, the most important lawyer of “Blake and Robertson” in our offices in Chicago. Connor had a very good relationship with Mr. Robertson, Emma’s dad. I was highly confused, but one day, just before the four weeks were over, I saw Emma when I was walking out of work. Emma explained everything to me. She said that her father was forcing her to leave Manhattan and go to Chicago to marry Connor. She was going to delay her stay in New York for three weeks, and in that time, we needed to figure out how we could be together living in Manhattan. During the first couple of days I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to be with Emma, but after the first week I decided I did want to be with her. In the second week someone told Mr. Robertson about Emma and me. He immediately sent Emma to Chicago, so I thought everything was over. I was wrong; just a few days after Emma left I received a phone call from her, and she asked if I came up with a plan. All of my plans were a possibility when she was in New York. Now that she was in Chicago, it was almost impossible to work something out, but I came up with the perfect plan. We had to wait three months until I earned my law major. Then, I had to get a job in a city far away from Connor and Mr. Robertson. The only problem was Connor. Emma was convinced that I had to confront him. I was not sure about confronting one of the most recognized lawyers in the country that would definitely mess up my career. After a lot of thinking, I decided that I was going to confront Connor, so three weeks later I was in Chicago ready to confront Connor Alcobia. I arrived at 12 o’ clock to Chicago, my knees where shaking as soon as I set foot in Chicago. At one thirty five I was outside of the office where Mr. Connor Alcobia was, my knees were still shaking. I entered his office ready to give him a piece of my mind, but I was in the wrong office. I walked to the actual Connor’s office, and when I entered I just started speaking, without even noticing I was telling Connor Alcobia that Emma was coming with me. I told him that the country we live in is a free country where every person gets to decide where he or she lives, and with whom they live. He was really angry, but being a lawyer he had to let Emma go in order to follow the laws. Finally, Emma was free from Connor and from her father. Three months later I was a lawyer. Emma and I decided to live in San Francisco; where we opened, as partners, the best law firm in the West Coast. Our main focus was to fight for human and civil rights. Today, ten years later we are married and have two kids.

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