Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Figurative Language in Pink Floyd

"Wish you were here"

            The following piece of writing will analyze the meaning of the lyrics in the song “Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd, as well the way the author includes figurative language to make the song significant.
            In the song , the main theme is someone that the author would like to be with. The tone is nostalgic. The song’s tone is mainly defined by the way Pink Floyd performs the song. The 70s band give a special mood to this song which we could consider a poem by incorporating the blowing of the wind in the song.
            We can observe various examples of figurative language in this song. First, the author introduces the song with a few antithesis to explain the way he feels with that someone missing. For example: “So, So you think you think you can tell Heaven from Hell”, the author in comparing Heaven, the way he feels when he has that, with an opposite Hell which makes allusion to the way he feels without that. Then, the author includes several rhetorical questions to note the way he feels without that person. Like we can see on this quote “Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rain?”, the author is noting that the difference between a green field and a cold steel rain is the same as being with or without that person. Finally, the whole song is a hyperbole because it exaggerates the fact of not being with that person.
            The lyrics of the song express a feeling of inadequacy, that is a consequence of being away from that person, nevertheless the way the band plays the music is without a doubt what makes this song be such a meaningful piece of art. Perhaps that is why most of this song is instrumental.
            In conclusion, figurative language is present in different types of artwork other than literature. We can also determine that figurative language helps authors give a tone and a mood to a piece of art.