Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Odyssey beginning by Zeus

“Zeus’s perspective”
            From the sky, all the problems in the earth seem simple, but they start to get convoluted as they keep involving more complex levels of power, until they get to the Olympus. Last Friday, the Olympians and me had a meeting. They thought they could decide whether Odysseus was being freed or not, but I, Zeus, ruler of the skies, have the last word in every decision. Neptune wants Odysseus to suffer. Athena wants me to focus on Odysseus matter and give him his freedom back. Odysseus’s men ate Helios cattle, so he deserves punishment. On the other hand, he has suffered quite a lot.
            After everyone made me loose time presenting their arguments, I made my decision. I am the wisest and most important god in the universe, so I obviously did not listen to their debate. I decided I would let Calypso free Odysseus, but he and his son Telemachus had to earn Odysseus freedom. Athena was very inquisitive about helping Telemachus, so I let Athena help Telemachus.
            Now I can see everything in a panoramic screen up from the heavens. The suitors are disrespecting Penelope, Odysseus’s wife. Telemachus is trying to do something to arrange his estate before he goes in his quest to locate his beloved father, or at least his body. In order to leave Ithaca, Telemachus, unsuccessfully tried to demand the suitors some respect. Telemachus escaped from Ithaca, so his mother would be partially content for an extra couple of days before she proceeded to break down. Finally, Telemachus started his pursue. He was insecure at times, but every time, Athena encouraged him to keep going. Telemachus first arrived to Pylos to talk with Nestor. At first, he was nervous, but he stepped out and asked Nestor about his father. Nestor talked about Odysseus with admiration and respect, nevertheless Nestor didn’t know anything about the location or whereabouts of Odysseus. Even though Telemachus did not find his father in Pylos, the start of his journey had being successful because X Nestor’s son joined Telemachus in his jaunt. Well, apparently it will be a delight to witness this journey. (Zeus before the Odyssey took place.)

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